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The Report on “the State of National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) in Africa

The Report on the State of National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) in Africa, emanates from a study conducted for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Network for African National Human Rights Institutions (NANHRI). Blandford Consulting undertook the research with support from Influence Africa. The Report establishes the state of NHRIs in Africa, through a literature review of African NHRIs generally and an in-depth study of 9 sample NHRIs. The Report highlights best practices, capacity challenges/constraints and subsequently recommends policy options for adoption by NHRIs, Government, as well as regional networks and development partners. In this regard, the Report focuses on 6 key areas: establishment and oversight; independence; financing; capacity; stakeholder engagement; and rights-based service delivery and development.


Publication On Collective Action Against Corruption In Africa

Influence Africa on behalf the UN Global Compact is presently developing an anti-corruption publication on collective action in Africa. The publication will contain an analysis of common challenges, gaps, trends and emerging best practice on the use of collective action in combating corruption in Africa. The publication is earmarked to be launched at a UN Global Compact event taking place on the margins of the 24th Summit of the African Union in January 2015 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


Mainstreaming Integrity in Business Practice

This publication aims to build a body of experience to benchmark good practice and to promote anti-corruption practices in business. The purpose of the document is to showcase how companies are implementing anti-corruption processes within their operations. The publication aims to firstly, highlight the practical risks, challenges and dillemas that companies in different sectors may face in terms of corruption within the scope of their operations. Secondly, to showcase their respective approaches towards mainstreaming a culture of business integrity.


Shaping Corporate Social Responsibility in Sub-Saharan Africa: Guidance Note from a Mapping Survey

This publication is a culmination of 2-years’ of collaboration between the GIZ Center for Cooperation with the Private Sector and  the University of Stellenbosch  Centre for Business in  Society at USB Executive Development. Influence Africa in collaboration with the GIZ, contributed to the Nigeria country context chapter. The publication consolidates the work done by the Center for Cooperation with the Private Sector since its inception in 2011 and aims to intensify the impact and scope through synergistic networking, shared learning and capacity building in countries within  the ambit of the its CSR development  initiatives. The publication profiles the state of CSR initiatives in 12 African countries.  To read more, download the full report.


Mentoring Programme on Business Integrity: Mentoring Guide 2012

This Guide is designed to enable mentors and mentees get the most out of the Programme. The purpose of the Guide is to help the participants understand the Programme and the associated mentoring process. The Guide does this by providing insight, tips and resources to help the participants through the mentoring process. 



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