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Count Your Blessings by Appreciating South Africa

Influence Africa is undertaking a new social media campaign titled: "Count Your Blessings and Appreciate South Africa". This campaign is geared towards creating a more positive vibe from South Africans, who despite having the most developed country in Africa, are usually enveloped in a climate of negativity.

This type of pessimism from citizens about their country does not help foster development, which requires different sectors of society (government, business, civil society and citizens) to work together towards addressing their country's development priorities.

Where citizens are negative about their country, they can't contribute optimally to development and they cannot gain maximally from the vast opportunities that abound in their country.

South Africa's Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan recently made a call, encouraging South Africans to stop focusing on the negative and move to a level of cohesion and common purpose. "We need to stop shooting ourselves in the foot all the time and shift from reinforcing what economist call the vicious cycle... [We need] to shift to a virtuous cycle, notwithstanding the challenges that we face. "In other words, if we keep on with the negativity, we will only get negativity as a result. We will get immobility as an answer. We will not get dynamism either in thinking or in leadership as we go forward," Minister Gordhan said.

During his Inaugural Address, on January 20, 1961, John F. Kennedy made a similar statement that made him one of the most revered leaders in America's history: "Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country." He said: "In your hands, my fellow citizens, more than in mine, will rest the final success or failure of our course".

The strength of the media in South Africa is certainly one of the cornerstones of the country's democracy, by providing much needed checks and balances and helping to hold both government and the private sector accountable for their economic, social and environmental performance etc.

However, the overt over-emphasis on the negative in the media needs to be balanced with a positive outlook in order to appropriately help in socializing the citizens of South Africa towards partnering with the state and other sectors of society in taking South Africa forward. 

The maiden episode of the "Count Your Blessings and Appreciate South Africa" Campaign showcases that despite its past history of apartheid and human rights abuse, men of African descent, as at 2016, certainly feel more comfortable and secure in South Africa than in the USA. We therefore, highlight one more reason to #AppreciateSA and Count Your Blessings.

Click the thumbnail below to view the "Shadow of Death" Video:
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"The Shadow of Death" Produced & Directed by Tagbo Agbazue and Zanele Ntuli.
An IAM Production

Song: Equilibrium Skillz - Wake Up (Prod. by MaKZulu)
Artist: Wycliff Hlongwane
Genre: EDM/Dubstep
Song Inspiration: The song is about waking people up from living within the negativity in
South Africa, and the lies and illusions being sold to us by media outlets

To listen to the song: https://soundcloud.com/equilibriumskillz/wake-up-prod-by-makzulu 


wycliffThe lead role in "Shadow of Death" is played by Wycliff Hlongwane, a black 22-year-old male student and aspiring music artist from Kathlehong, Gauteng. In this episode of "Count Your Blessings by Appreciating South Africa", Wycliff shares his personal experience with the South African Police Service. Here is what Wycliff has to say: "Being pulled over by the police is such an unnerving experience, not because I have done anything wrong, but, simply because of the power dynamics involved, which makes one really vulnerable in those circumstances. The police appear strong, confident, well armed and authoritative. In addition, I was out numbered in the middle of nowhere with no other witnesses, so it meant that it was always going to my word against theirs... and who would people rather believe. Even on the set, I broke out a serious sweat, when the police officers approached me. I frankly appreciate the level of professionalism that I have personally experienced with the South African Police Service, which is something that we take for granted in South Africa, unlike our brothers in the United States" #IAppreciateSA



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Episode 1: "Shadow of Death"

Wycliff frisk

The maiden episode of the "Count Your Blessings by Appreciating South Africa" Campaign showcases that despite its past history of apartheid and human rights abuse, men of African descent, as at 2016, certainly feel more comfortable and secure in South Africa than in the USA.

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