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Trade & Investment


Trade and investment provides an opportunity for the exchange of goods and services that will help stimulate long term growth and competiveness of African economies. As a result of the comparative opportunities that exist between trade regions in terms of lower production costs, manufacturing costs, demand and supply dynamics; trade and investment exposes the African market to the world, providing a gateway to international and regional markets. Similarly, with Africa’s abundant human and natural resources, underpinned by a rising middle class and the advent of democratic governance; Africa is increasingly becoming the continent of choice for investors, as they explore opportunities in one of the world’s most endowed continent.

Despite huge trade and investment opportunities in the continent; Africa is still battling with poverty and a myriad of developmental challenges as a result of number of issues ranging from political instability, lack of market access, trade barriers and tariffs, balance of trade issues and a lack of free trade market. While some financial experts argue that balance of trade and a free trade market might create monopolies, African markets have not be given fair trade opportunities and have been denied fair access to international markets to enable them reliably exchange and deploy goods and services as well as attract international investment opportunities. As a result, African economies continue to lag behind in terms of their ability to develop trade and investment synergies that will foster sustainable growth and development. There is a need for a more concerted effort by African governments to boost regional trade by providing opportunities through investment finance; enhancing regional production capacity, removing trade barriers, provision of infrastructure for trade, improvement of industrial performance and enhancing trade facilitation.

trade1Towards supporting this; Influence Africa in collaboration with regional and international multilateral institutions like the United National Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), African Development Bank (Afdb) and the African Union (AU), state governments, public and private sector, have embarked on a number of key development initiatives that will help promote trade and investment in the continent. Some of our key flagship programme areas include:

  • convening and facilitation of trade and investment forums;
  • support of SMMEs through our SA-BASE (South Africa Business Advisory Solutions for Entrepreneurs) programme ;
  • facilitating multi-stakeholder engagements to explore agro-allied trade and investment opportunities that exist in the continent through our sustainable Agri-business programme; and
  • providing information and practical assistance to sustain organic growth in traditional markets and penetrate new high growth markets.




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