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Civic Participation

Civic Participation can be explained in many ways. Firstly, civic participation is based on the principle of collective action, whereby citizens are free to collectively participate in decision SDC11943making processes about issues that directly or indirectly affect them; uphold or defend their rights, values and matters of concern without being restrained by the State or any other relevant body or authority. Secondly, according to the United Nations Development Programme; civic participation or engagement refers to that process whereby citizens or their representatives are able to engage and influence public processes, in order to achieve civic objectives and goals.

Civic participation is fundamental to a democratic State, contributing to the development of a participatory governance system on the African continent - one which is crafted on the basis of social justice, respect for people’s rights and freedoms.

SDC11946It is worth noting that across Africa, the space for civic participation is increasingly dwindling and this is as a result of a variety of restrictions on people’s liberties and political freedoms; relegation of civil voices to the margins amongst others.

At Influence Africa, our goal is to create the enabling environment where citizens are encouraged to participate freely in decision making processes that affect them. This is underpinned by our understanding of civic participation, which transcends beyond the mobilization of citizens for a common agenda, but also to:

  • support the work of civil society organizations across Africa in building a stronger regional network of civil activists;
  • SDC11928strengthen citizen action especially in areas where participatory democracy and citizens' freedom of association are threatened;
  • facilitate civic participation that allows citizens to share their views on issues that affect them, through engagement with stakeholders, civil society organizations, as well as public and private sector players;
  • produce documentary films that address key challenges facing citizens across the continent and to stimulate discussions around these issues; and
  • research and develop content on the state of civil society across different countries in Africa.




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