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Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship54 Entrepreneurship is the embodiment of all the actions, attributes and activities of entrepreneurs. Put differently, it is an articulated intuitive process of anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and exploiting productive ventures with a view to make profit. Such ventures ultimately result in the production of goods and services that satisfy societal needs, desires and aspirations.

Entrepreneurship could therefore be defined as a form of scientific, socio-cultural, technological, economic or political breakthrough and transformation. Entrepreneurs are pivotal in driving economic growth and creating employment. They are also recognized as sources of innovation and new ideas and most specifically as ‘agents’ that foster competitiveness and productivity within the global economy.

Why is the small business sector important?

Small businesses drive economic growth, create employment, and are sources of innovation and new ideas.

Despite government institutional, financial and policy efforts, Africa lags behind other developing countries in promoting the growth and sustainability of entrepreneurs. African governments’ initiatives over the past years have not been satisfactory in supporting small businesses. The impacts and achievements of such initiatives have fallen short of aspirations for the future of the African economy. Part of the solution to these challenges can be achieved through strategic and coordinated investment in Entrepreneurship Development programmes.

Entrepreneurship94Entrepreneurship development remains a key challenge for economic development in Africa. Its contribution to the economic progression of the African continent is persistently undermined and marginalized. As a result, Influence Africa aims at promoting a re-awakening in the SMME sector in Africa. This will serve as an important entry point towards establishing business growth, competiveness and prosperity of Africa.

Influence Africa’s entrepreneurship development programme also focuses on:

  • promoting economic participation of previously disadvantaged communities and groups, including youth and women;
  • providing high quality research-based training, coaching and mentorship for emerging entrepreneurs in South Africa;
  • integrating research and training into community engagement forums that generate fresh ideas for progress;
  • designing and introducing innovative research-based training that enhances small business growth and competitiveness;
  • generating and publishing reports, papers, manuals and new media advocacy and training tools, including video documentaries and use of social networking media platforms;
  • providing opportunities for cross-pollination of information and knowledge dissemination among stakeholders. This includes convening stimulating forums where small business entrepreneurs can engage with key role players in the empowerment landscape such as development finance institutions;
  • supporting key role players in the empowerment landscape (e.g. development finance institutions) with research and strategic direction, as well as platforms for engaging with stakeholders so as to be able to achieve greater impact; and
  • providing a strategic link between programmes of corporations with that of government agencies regarding capacity building and development of SMMEs and entrepreneurs in South Africa.

In an effort to address the shortcomings of entrepreneurial development in South Africa, Influence Africa has launched the South Africa Business and Advisory Solutions for Entrepreneurs (SA-BASE) Programme. The programme is geared towards promoting business growth, competitiveness and prosperity in South Africa by developing the country’s SMME and entrepreneurship base. The SA-BASE Programme intends to achieve this by providing a multi-stakeholder platform for cross pollination of information on sustainable models for growing entrepreneurs and SMMEs; the development and implementation of mentorship and high-quality based training programmes and assessable tools covering areas such as business savvy, strategy, finance, risk management, lifestyle management and corporate social responsibility as a competitive driver. Influence Africa is currently producing a film series on Entrepreneurship Development models in Africa.



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