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Corporate Governance

corp3Influence Africa promotes the triple bottom sustainable corporate governance approach that covers economic, social and environmental performance, contextualised to suit the different types of economic activities in Africa in areas such as:

  • managing the enterprise - how companies govern, control and manage its operations efficiently and ethically towards ensuring long term growth and competitiveness;
  • workplace practises - how employees, workplace conditions and employment practices are managed;
  • third party interactions – how the rights and interests of external stakeholders in the company supply chain, marketplace, government and community are respected;
  • environmental compliance - how impacts on the environment are controlled and monitored; and
  • transformation - how companies meet their obligations to help citizens and communities become meaningful economic participants.

Corp governance36Influence Africa, through research, advocacy and multi-stakeholder interactions at decision-making levels, promotes the adoption of policies and procedures that foster good corporate governance by providing guidelines towards:

  • investment frameworks and policies;
  • human rights compliance;
  • feasibility and impact assessment studies (social, economic and environmental);
  • due diligence, assurance and verification;
  • sustainability reporting;
  • anti-corruption frameworks;
  • environmental management plans and systems;
  • health and occupational safety standard compliance mechanisms; and
  • community development plans


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