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About I AM Productions

Our film projects were initially designed for training policy makers and key role players in terms of Africa’s long-term development. In this regard, we have showcased our films successfully during informal sessions and road shows in over 40 countries in Africa and internationally, with resounding and overwhelming commendation.

Based on numerous requests from stakeholders across Africa and internationally, we have recently decided to produce material specifically for TV content.

TV Series


A mini documentary film series produced by Influence Africa in conjunction with the Open Society Institute for West Africa (OSIWA) that looks at the trend of land grabs as an economic governance issue in West Africa, with case studies from Ghana and Benin. The film looks at the various factors and circumstances that contribute to the problem and engages with the views of various stakeholders, including local communities, civil society, businesses, land management experts, government and policy makers.”


Influence Africa Magazine is a new variety television show that promotes sustainable development in Africa, through providing information on Africa’s assets, people and places, as well as facilitating conversations about Africa’s future.

This is presented in a manner that highlights the true situation on the African continent, at the same time creating far greater awareness amongst local Africans, while encouraging debate amongst citizens and ALL key stakeholders about sustainable development in Africa.


Made in Africa is a new television variety show that focuses on doing business in Africa. Based on sound research, the show reviews the enabling business environment in Africa; highlights business opportunities in various sectors; provides success stories to encourage entrepreneurs; and celebrates transformational initiatives and innovations that are promoting the long-term economic growth and competitiveness of the African private sector.

Against the Rot thumb

This is a special series on the fight against corruption in Africa. It was produced in conjunction with the African Union and uses drama, documentary style, with the participation of over 100 experts across 40 African countries. It showcases key issues, trends and best practice in the fight against corruption in Africa 10 years post the African Union Convention on Combatting and Preventing Corruption. This production is presented done in an objective and non controversial manner, without pointing fingers at any particular country, but showcases the issues in a general way.
  • Length: 26 minutes x 13 episodes
  • Language: English with French subtitles. The introductory drama in one episode is in French with English subtitles.

Greening The Future thumb

This series presents current issues and efforts towards the development of the agri-business sector in Africa, including support for small holder farmers and young innovative farmers across Africa, as well as development of the value chain for the agro-allied industry on the continent.
  • Length: 26 minutes x 13 episodes

Recent Influence Africa Films




Influence Africa is undertaking a new social media campaign titled: "Count Your Blessings by Appreciating South Africa". This campaign is geared towards creating a more positive vibe from South Africans, who despite having the most developed country in Africa, are usually enveloped in a climate of negativity.


Influence Africa Showreel


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